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Map showing locations of the Manhattan Project park sites.

IntroductionManhattan Project National History

From 1942 to 1945, the Manhattan Project—an ambitious effort to harness the power of yet unimaginable science and technology—paired the world's greatest scientific minds with thousands of skilled and determined Americans. Their efforts created the planet's first nuclear weapons and ended the most terrible war in the history of humanity...and it happened in secret.

Keeping the Manhattan Project’s secrets saved countless lives, preserving and protecting the progress of literally earth-shattering new technologies. Secrets shrouded incredible scientific technology and the efforts of thousands of patriotic citizens in a seemingly impenetrable air of mystery.

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Secrets united hardworking Americans and European èmigrès alike in an unprecedented effort—one that most of them knew very little about—to stop a raging international conflict that had already claimed tens of millions of lives.

Though much has been revealed over more than six decades since the world-altering science and technology pioneered during the Manhattan Project ended the war and jump-started scientific progress in medicine, energy, agriculture, space exploration and biological sciences, some secrets persist. You may know some of the history, but this is only the beginning, and there's plenty more to learn.

Do you know the stories behind the secrets?

At the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, explore project locations preserved at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and Hanford, and enjoy an up-close and in-person look at the stories behind the secrets. Witness firsthand the science and engineering that boldly went where no one had ever dreamed of going before, the talented and dedicated people who made it happen and events that changed the world forever.

Visit the park, and take the tour. You’ll experience historic sites, facilities, equipment and artifacts in person…and discover the secrets of the Manhattan Project…for yourself.

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Learn More About Each Location Tour all three Manhattan Project National Historical Park Sites.

Visit Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Visit Los Alamos, New Mexico

Visit Hanford (Tri-Cities), Washington