Los Alamos Site

Before he was selected to lead the Manhattan Project and promoted to General, Colonel Leslie Groves made an impression on his superiors by leading construction of the Pentagon. Along with University of California-Berkeley physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, General Groves decided that a remote location in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico would be an excellent location for the vital, top-secret research, development and design of the forthcoming nuclear weapons that both men hoped would bring a swift end to World War II.

The community at Los Alamos was populated with world-renowned physicists, Nobel Prize winners and exceptionally gifted scientists from around the world who emigrated to America, collaborating on designs both theoretical and traditional, using process materials from Oak Ridge and Hanford to produce the first nuclear weapons.

Tour the historic Los Alamos site, and embark on foot where history happened. Begin at the Visitor Contact Station, where you can pick up a park map and explore the History Museum, which includes two of few publicly-accessible war-time buildings. You can also explore the lab’s Bradbury Science Museum. Additional historic sites at Los Alamos laboratory are under development for future access.